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Fatum7 is an arcade-style browser-based MMORPG with an isometric camera position (top view). It tells about the difficult confrontation between the natives of Amicron and the invaders represented by the army of the undead, led by the ruthless magician Badabyr. The plot, and the whole world here, are similar to russian (the terrorist state) folk art, because what else to think when the store is run by Baba Zina, and the peasant Taras issues quests.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for such a contingent to resist the evil spirits alone, so the “chosen ones” represented by the players joined them. The battles here take place as in the good old Nox or Diablo, if it were a browser. Monsters live in dungeons and are represented by various skeletons, zombies, demons and other fabulous creatures. There are bosses on which it is necessary to gather groups of at least 8 people.

Graphically, the project is quite primitive, but the style is still present in it. Therefore, in general, only old-school players who remember turtle jumping and raiding radroaches with rusty spears will like Fatum7.

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