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Felspire is an MMORPG developed by 37Games, famous for its dynamic projects ShiFu and Chibi Warriors. This subject of Hong Kong production is very bright, but the grind in it is presented in automatic mode, which will allow you to move on to the main thing without unnecessary movements, that is, mass clan battles and single PvP. In fact, your character will level up on its own, leaving you with the choice of equipment and direction in development.

The game system is class-based and is represented by three archetypes, but the developers promise to add four more heroes. A character goes through five stages in his development, for example: a fighter transforms into a knight, then a templar, a paladin, and finally becomes a champion. Moreover, each new transformation entails an increase in characteristics and the opening of new quests with tasks.

As a result, Felspire is in no way inferior to such browser-based projects, but it does not surpass them either, positioning itself as an "average" in this industry.

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