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Fiesta Online
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Overview of Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is an Asian anime style MMORPG that turns players into merciless grind machines. There are six heroes in the game, all of them are rather stereotypical and have predictable abilities.

As mentioned above, the gameplay of the game offers us an endless grind and the same type of quests, like kill 10 magic stumps, 20 animals that look like turkeys, or give a couple of leaves from that tree. Pleasant-looking locations, of which there are about twenty pieces, bring variety to the project.

In Fiesta Online, like any other MMO, there is crafting and trading. And if everything is clear with crafting, then for trading here a mushroom house is used, which is called by the player as needed. It is also used to restore mana and health.

PvP here is based on guild wars, for this reason, you can only participate in the battle by joining the clan of interest.

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