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FIFA World
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FIFA World game review

It is clear that football is a game that is loved all over the world. That is why EA Games decided to create a real MMO football simulator called FIFA World. Of course, here each player will not be able to create his own player and play directly with him. However, this is for the best, because in this scenario, a football simulator would become a mixture of basketball, rugby and dota. Therefore, EA Games decided to go the traditional way, taking the classic FIFA brand as a basis, where the players will play the role of managers. They will develop both newly created own teams and already existing clubs. In this case, the whole process will be fully interactive.

Game modes

FIFA World is supposed to have two game modes. In the first mode, called "Ultimate Team", the player will have to deal with the creation of his own team almost from scratch. In this case, he will play the role of a manager. As a coach, he will have to create his own individual playing style and instill it in virtual football players. FIFA World compares favorably with its single-player predecessors with an interactive dynamic transfer market. Here you will need to fight with all your might against other players. The second mode, called League Teams, is more typical and simpler. Here you have to become the manager of one of the already existing clubs, chosen by you.


In general, the FIFA World project is not much different from other games in the series. Here you will see the same familiar football players, a clear interface and the same bright dynamic football. Therefore, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game will definitely be a success.

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