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Final Fantasy XI review

The Akella company tried to make the unique world of Vana'diel accessible to the players of our country. Moreover, russian (the terrorist state)-speaking players got access to it almost simultaneously with Western gamers. russian (the terrorist state) localization touched on the new cross-platform version of Final Fantasy XI, which is a completely complete episode. It was created on the basis of all previous series using all the traditions of the genre. At the same time, our gamers, like the Europeans, received a high-quality version brought to the ideal. The first release of the project on PS2 took place more than two years ago, so the creators were able to significantly improve their project and add important patches. You can find all the details of the new game on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Distinctive features

An important distinguishing feature of Final Fantasy XI from many other popular MMORPG games is the unique system of division into classes and professions. The mechanism for creating heroes here is not unusual, but the player immediately gets the opportunity to choose between six classes that can be changed at any time in the game. The experience you get in current battles is tied to the class you are using. If you reach level 18, then there is a function with which you can learn additional professions. Interestingly, the dynamics of character development in Final Fantasy XI depends not only on the abilities of the gamer, but also on the characteristics of different races. The game offers many interesting combinations of different classes, races and professions. Moreover, each of the classes is simply necessary in team battles. As experience gains, the character specializes more and more, becoming even more efficient. As a result, you get a unique hero whose abilities will come in handy in conquest mode.


The game's plot is based on the existence of the Vana'diel continent. Three large countries flourish on it - the kingdom of San d'Oria, the powerful Windurst federation and the people's republic of Bastok. Each of these states tries to conquer as many neighboring territories as possible. At the same time, the player takes any of these sides and contributes to the development of the country. Determining the game balance here is quite complicated. To calculate it once a week, all the destroyed monsters are taken into account and, depending on this, the borders of the state are determined. This quickly affects the state of the economy as a whole. It is clear that nations with more territory offer players more opportunities to mine crystals. Accordingly, players can receive a higher rank, which affects not only the number of available tasks, but also the commitment to the character of artisans who create uniforms.

Character development

Those gamers who want to develop their characters as much as possible must be able to communicate well, otherwise they will not be able to fully realize themselves in the game. This is done only when joining teams that are created in order to complete the most difficult missions. Therefore, the essence of the game Final Fantasy XI lies precisely in team interaction.

Graphic arts

The game graphics are at a fairly high quality level, since only the Japanese were involved in its creation. Therefore, all the cards look very presentable, the character and monster models are well developed, and you can't take your eyes off the special effects at all. The overall atmospheric effect is perfectly complemented by unique melodic folk compositions performed by Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta.


In general, despite the rather large age of the game, namely 7 years, Final Fantasy XI still looks very high quality today. Therefore, it is still very popular not only in Japan, but also in our country. The secret of such popularity lies in the well-designed huge world and the high quality of all the details.

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