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Review of the game Firefall

Orson Scott Card (author of the cult fantasy series Ender's Game) is a unique person who creates interesting and exciting games. And despite such a big name, Firefall's multiplayer game is interesting and worthy of attention. When creating the game, a lot of time was devoted to the plot, which is not typical for action movies. Unfortunately, these little things already tune in to the game's interestingness and users' love.

The plot of the game

In the game, there is a period after the fall of a giant asteroid into the Earth's gravity and enters the orbit of the planet, which causes debris to fall to the surface. Events take place at the end of the XXII century. After the meteor shower, everything on our planet has changed, all countries have been split, and each region has minor rulers. After all these events, winter lasts for a long nine years, and for humanity to somehow be saved, scientists began to look for crystals - a mineral from pieces of a fallen asteroid. Next, the construction of an engine based on this mineral starts, and the launch of the vast Arclight ship, which, after falling to the ground, causes some energy storm, from which brilliant. Still, unknown creatures climb out, which is very interesting to the MMOTOP site team.

What's new for the players?

The main difference between the Firefall game and many others is that it is based on an open world, not a corridor system. There will be many different events that will take place in the Firefall universe. The creators promise monster attacks on the players' settlements, a change for and night, and a change of seasons. Also, players are waiting for adventures and the search for the mineral kristite, where they will have to fight with aggressive fauna.

Play styles

Firefall leans more towards team play. You can fight alone or build a good army. In the game, there are not only battles. You can search for the location of the kristite. Very little is known about the quests in the game, but there is already information that everything will be based on the player's actions and the events on the planet. In the game, a considerable role was given to vehicles. The amount of equipment is currently unknown, but there is information about a motorcycle that can fly and jetpacks that will be in suits. The fights will be very similar to the real ones, even though all the graphics look like a cartoon.

Classes in the game

The main trophy in the game is the battleframe. You can get it in battles. This is a kind of suit that will put you in a class, as well as absorb damage for your hero. You can have several such cases and arrange modules in them. Now there are four classes of heroes in the game: sniper (little armor, can jump and fly), medic (there is also a bio blaster in the inventory and climbs on fire), engineer (produces protective screens), and attack aircraft (there is armor and power that can be enhanced by afterburner mode ).

Game prospects

At the moment, Firefall is a bit like Borderlands and TeamFortress. Planetside 2 can be considered the main "rival" of the game, but Sony's creation is not very impressive, which can be a plus in the development of Firefall. At this time, the game does not show cons and has a chance of success, as the experience of Blizzard is working on it.

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