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Flyff: Fly For Fun game overview

Flyff: Fly For Fun
Platforms: Mobile Devices, PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Anime
Release date: December 22, 2005
Game engine Custom
Gala Lab
Free to Play

Flyff: Fly For Fun Review

Show a person who would not want to learn to fly. And how about an option with a broom, on which you can fly straight to heaven. The original game Flyff: Fly For Fun is already attractive for its name and content. This exciting project has been described in detail on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game Features

Flyff: Fly For Fun is suitable for all those who are not disgusted by various caramel watercolour pictures. These gamers will like the gaming universe, so they can stay there for more than one month. My Journey through this fabulous world begins with a country called Flarincia. The penguin guide will tell you all the interface details during this period. He
will introduce you to two important characters in the game - the gunsmith and the blacksmith. First, the gunsmith will give you a wooden sword, and the blacksmith will dress your hero in light armour. With this equipment, your character will be able to complete the first task given by the penguin.

Character Development

There are a lot of such heroes walking around Flarincia, and they all perform the usual quests - killing monsters and searching for skins and fangs. The beginning of the game here resembles many other games in the MMORPG genre. You will not immediately receive wings and additional bonuses. Only upon reaching level 15 the hero gets wings and many valuable abilities.

For example, you will get the opportunity to choose a profession. Upon reaching level 60, you will have the chance to select a speciality. At the same time, levels in Flyff: Fly For Fun are gained quickly, and without any problems, so you should not be afraid of such numbers. However, we do not recommend rushing to upgrade the hero before level 60, and you will need to understand the game to decide on the class finally. However, the creators have provided the possibility of changing the class to another if you get tired of it.


There are four classes in the game, of which two are pretty standard - a warrior and a caster. Two more characters are much more interesting - a uniform and an acrobat. At the same time, the uniformist is distinguished by universal abilities. Therefore, if you give him a glove in your hands, he will fight in the near, and if you hand him a magic wand, he will use combat spells and healing abilities. Acrobat uses ranged attacks to attack, and his weapon is a regular yo-yo.

Flying in Flyff: Fly For Fun

Speaking of Flyff: Fly For Fun, you should mention flying, a crucial game feature. They don't look as colourful as in Aion, but that doesn't make them any less exciting. For example, a broom is mainly used for flying, although no one bothers to take a magic skateboard for this purpose.


Of course, flying is not the only advantage of the game. Many gamers start playing Flyff: Fly For Fun because of the pleasant atmosphere of communication between users and an exciting community. The graphics here also look very presentable and modern. Managing characters is easy, and the interface is self-explanatory. Therefore, in general, Flyff: Fly For Fun can be considered a severe competitor for most current projects made in the anime style.

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