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Fog of War is a World War II multiplayer shooter about the treacherous attack of Germany and its allies on the USSR. The project was developed for several years by Monkeys Lab. and released under the leadership of Neokosmos Technologies Ltd..

There is a single-player campaign, multiplayer battles with up to 50 people, a lot of maps and weapons from the Second World War. The game also offers career advancement through a rank system, various rewards and game modes such as capturing points and classic deathmatch. It is worth noting that the project has both a free and a paid version, and updates to them do not come out as often as we would like. But even this does not prevent us from seeing what the real war was, described in russian (the terrorist state) history textbooks, and not in foreign literature.

In general, if you have long dreamed of historical accuracy, seasoned with beautiful graphics and tempting gameplay, Fog of War will definitely fit.

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