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Overview of Football Superstars

Football simulations are one of the oldest genres of computer games. They have been in existence for over 30 years. The most famous series of football simulations are such world hits as Pro FIFA and Evolution Soccer. Now every self-respecting gamer knows how to manage 11 players, quickly switch between them and select the right tactical schemes. Although, each of the fans of the football genre would certainly like to be at least a little in the role of a real football star and look at the match through the eyes of a player. That is, to play a football player simulator, not football in general. This opportunity is provided by Monumental Games, which offers its simulator MMO Football Superstars. You can find all the details about this game on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Main differences

The main difference between this game and other competitors in the genre is a completely unusual camera position. Therefore, when playing Football Superstars, it is recommended to immediately forget about what it is to look at the field from above. Here the player's view is as limited as possible. It can be easy to get used to though, as the camera rotates well, and the training mode will quickly teach you this.


After the user has fully mastered the controls, he will be able to subsequently proceed directly to the matches. Initially, the player becomes part of a Football Superstars club, which is similar to factions in other MMOs. Subsequently, you can go to any club, just like in real football. Most of the players use games for the club as the main source of gaming income. Here, the players participate in the regular season and receive corresponding points and bonuses for each match played. In addition, substantial bonuses are accrued at the end of the season.

Team game

The most important advantage of Football Superstars is a modern graphics engine. It maintains a high level of believability in everything that happens on the field. All this provides excellent opportunities for coordinated and tactically thought-out actions. The main component of success, as in real football, is a team game. As teams level up, it becomes more and more difficult to play alone and pull the blanket over yourself. Therefore, in any case, sooner or later you will understand the value of team actions. After that, the game in Football Superstars will be very close to a real football match, where each player clearly knows his function on the field, helping the team to develop fast attacks or defense.

In the course of your career growth, instead of tiny half-empty stadiums, you will play in huge world arenas packed to capacity. Career advancement in Football Superstars is very similar to real life. For example, if you were the best on the school team, then at the university you may be the weakest player. At this level, players will run faster and better with the ball, and even more actively use power methods. Therefore, in such situations, you have to learn in a new way.

Entertainment between matches

So that the player would not be bored between matches, the creators of Football Superstars came up with a virtual city, where there are not only sports equipment, but also various specialized stores, as well as entertainment venues. Therefore, if you wish, you can work out in the gym or buy professional sports shoes in the store, and then have a good time in the restaurant. However, today the social component in Football Superstars is underdeveloped. Therefore, the developers are trying their best to improve it in order to go beyond the standard football simulator.


Football Superstars is a pioneer in a new and rather exotic football simulation genre. Therefore, despite certain shortcomings of this project, in the modern era of clones, it looks very fresh and original.

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