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Forbidden Kingdom Online
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Sometimes the creators of games are inspired by muses in the form of girls, someone’s favorite music, and in this case, the film “Forbidden Kingdom” served as sources of inspiration. Those who watched this work of art are probably already rubbing their hands in the upcoming pleasure. However, we will have to disappoint you, as it happens in most cases with Asian authors and their creations.

It would seem that a film with the famous Jackie Chan can inspire any game author, however, no. We again see the same type of device, nothing original. We can't even think of an argument that would make it worth playing this action at all. Although not, there is still something unique. You will not get tired of transforming and dressing in various images, as there are as many as 72 types of them.

Story line

In fact, if you have played Korean games, then you will not find anything new. That is, massacres, murders, corpses, as well as a love of sadism, because you have to butcher your booty and count the teeth of your enemies. By the way, we cannot fail to note one interesting feature of the game - namely, flying in the clouds. However, in reality, these flights turn out to be quite boring, see for yourself on MMOTOP.ORG.

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