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Game review Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom is a new free-to-play browser game based on the Chinese work Journey to the West. In it you have to play the role of such famous personalities as Monkey King, Iron Fan, etc. Unfortunately, this is where the similarity with the popular novel ends...

The game has pretty nice graphics and effects, which is good news. At the start, there are 4 starting character classes available, based on the classic. Including Wukong (fans in the know).

For fans of PvE, as always, there are various quests, dungeons, bosses, mounts and beautiful assistants for every taste. PvP lovers will love the creation of guilds and clan wars between them. Also, when passing through all locations, "PK" (killing players) is available absolutely anywhere. Of the features, you can still highlight the ability to transform into other characters during the battle.

In general, the Forbidden Kingdom is a pretty good browser game with its own twist, but it can get boring pretty quickly. Perhaps this is due to the endless grind that the developers offer players, but here PvP comes into play and still dilutes this minus with its sharpness.

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