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Forsaken Uprising is a medieval sandbox with first-person survival elements. As in any game of this genre, users are not limited by anything here: you can build castles, hunt, kill zombies or other players with sticks, stones or crafted melee weapons.

The game has a large open world that can accommodate up to 64 players, where they can already do what is described above. It is also planned to introduce a system of agriculture and cattle breeding, a system of possessions, clans and classes, thanks to which the player will be able to choose his own path: to be a peasant, a feudal lord, a knight, a merchant, or someone else.

Nothing has been heard about Forsaken Uprising lately, and the site of 2 friends of the developers who make the game was closed. Apparently a large number of hard-to-fix bugs, as well as negative reviews on Steam, did their job.

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