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Overview of the game Fractured Online

Fractured Online is a future Sandbox/MMORPG with an isometric camera and a buy-to-play (one-time purchase) distribution model developed by the Italian studio Dynamight. The project promises high dynamism, the possibility of a comfortable game for both PvP and PvE players, and a completely open world with travel through different worlds.

Developers, first of all, praise the dynamism of the project. Nothing in the game will be static. All micro and macro elements will constantly change. And this is the environment, the combat system, the economic system, civilizations, and character development. So far, three races are planned: Humans, Beastmen, and Demons. Each is located on a separate planet and has unique gameplay.

For example, the demonic world of Tartarus promises full-fledged PvP anywhere, the beastmen's Arborea is cooperative and solo gameplay with limited PvP, and the people - Syndesia, a mixture of the first two components. Travel between worlds will be possible, albeit with some restrictions.

In general, Fractured Online is still in alpha testing so we won't see the game soon. But it is worth recognizing that the idea and plans of the project are exciting.

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Sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online is temporarily free to play


The developers of the MMORPG with sandbox elements Fractured Online, as promised, have launched the “Free Weekend” promotion. Starting from...

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