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Gate to Heaven
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Review of the game Gate to Heavens

Gate of Heavens is the acclaimed version of the MMORPG. This version of the game is no different from the original. The main idea is that the gods decided to take a break from their daily routine and, of course, complete chaos begins on Earth. Mortals began to mercilessly kill each other.

Project history

The game came out back in 2009. You can get to know her better on the special gaming site MMOTOP.ORG. Over the years of its existence, it was possible to come up with something new and interesting, at least about the graphics. But this did not happen. In the game, as before, there are only 4 classes, the weapons of the heroes are quite monotonous and even primitive. Apparently, the developers are not eager to do anything, but they want to get paid for it. Many players are simply disappointed by the poor graphics and lack of innovation. This game can only be suitable for those who decide to just do something with their free time.

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