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Review of the game Gates of Andaron

Gates of Andaron can be considered a free version of World of Warcraft, as it is the best of all modern games for this role. Of course, due to a much more modest budget, the game content was decided to be cut significantly. Gates of Andaron only offers three races: fairies, humans, and cats. There are two factions here, just like in WoW. According to the plot, the main events unfold around the battle of two groups - Derion and Valorian. They lived in peace for many years, however, the PvP mode forced them to take up arms and start destroying each other for no particular purpose. However, gamers are only better off for this, since combat is the most important component of Gates of Andaron. The game has six classes, among which you can find the usual tank, healer, as well as melee and long-range damage dealers.

Interesting Features

One of the main features of Gates of Andaron is the ability to command dozens of monsters that can be launched forward and used as cannon fodder. All this leads to the fact that the battles in Gates of Andaron look very exciting and fun. Therefore, it is the PvP mode that is the main trump card of the project. Moreover, a number of weapons and armor are bought only for points received in PvP battles. Therefore, in order to develop your character, you will have to fight with representatives of another faction. The graphics in Gates of Andaron are at a fairly decent level. Therefore, for those who are already accustomed to angular trees and mountains, the picture will seem very beautiful. Accordingly, the game can be recommended as a good pastime in your free time.

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