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Gates of Horizon
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Overview of the game Gates of Horizon

Gates of Horizon is a simplified version of EVE Online, with similar gameplay, but in a smaller format and two hundred megabytes. Gamers must mine asteroids and save them in space bases, they can also create spaceships and engage in battles with other players, with NPCs, in space or in asteroid fields. If the full-size version has more than one thousand systems, then this project has only a hundred, but they, like EVE, are divided into areas of influence between four factions with which participants can enter into relationships.

A significant difference between Gates of Horizon and EvE is the dependence of the power of the spacecraft on the team, which needs to be developed and upgraded. The player chooses a branch of skills for her, which he will pump, these can be industrial trading or combat abilities. As development progresses, efficiency in resource extraction, trade, or warfare increases.

In general, the visuals are quite attractive, especially the game can be recommended to those who are repelled by the endless expanses of EVE, for these players Gates of Horizon will be a great alternative.

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