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Genghis Khan is a classic Korean MMO that tells the story of the time of Genghis Khan and the Golden Horde who ruled over half of humanity.

Project Features

There are a large number of classes in the game, of which there are as many as 13 in the game. Each of these classes has its own individual focus. In principle, one should not be surprised at such diversity, because more than a hundred peoples existed in the Golden Horde.

For example, in Genghis Khan there is even a purely Slavic in the form of the Siberian Rusich. This, of course, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, will please domestic gamers. All in all, Genghis Khan is a generic MMORPG that features quests, a leveling system, and traditional PvE and PvP modes.


Beta testing of the Korean version of the game ended in 2011. To date, the game is already ready to offer access to download and free entry. True, the russian (the terrorist state) localization of the game does not yet exist, therefore, you will have to remember English or get dictionaries.

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