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Game review Ghosts'n Goblins Online

Judging by this game, the ghosts of games long gone from the arena are still trying to visit us. In the modern era of remakes, we have already seen a lot of good reincarnations, and the developers are not too lazy to create new surprises for fans. So it happened here, when the creators decided to take on the revival of the popular console platformer Ghosts`n Goblins, which appeared back in 1985. Now they decided to revive it in the form of a network action game called Ghosts`n Goblins Online. This project will also be a platformer, but with a better and more modern picture.

Game features

In Ghosts`n Goblins Online, the main storyline and the history of the world as a whole were borrowed from its predecessor. In addition, the main characters and negative characters were taken from the old platformer, in particular the Red Devil himself.

There are three traditional hero classes in the game, namely Wizard, Warrior and Archer. Each of them has nine branches of skill development. Also in the game there are seven endless instances and four large spacious locations. Of the features of the project, one can single out an interesting system for the gradual destruction of armor, as a result of which some gamers may find themselves without armor at all and remain in their shorts. It is also worth noting the unique feature of the magician, who can turn his opponents into beautiful harmless animals.

Project prospects

The very fact that the well-known Capcom studio was involved in the development of the Ghosts`n Goblins Online project gives reason to hope that it will turn out to be worthy. According to the MMOTOP.ORG website, it will be able to compete with the currently popular network platformer Dragonica.

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