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Overview of Global Adventures

Global Adventures is a cartoony MMOFPS with an RPG touch that challenges players to act as a member of the Treasure Hunters Association (THA). To get at least the slightest bit of a profitable artifact or acquire a new ability, you need to complete various missions and destroy world bosses, as well as fight off competitors: the Black Flag organization, the Eight sects (insidious ninjas) and the Priory (a secret order with a sinister plan).

All enemies are represented by various fantasy NPCs, they can be zombies, vampires and many others, up to the incarnations of the ancient gods. You will have to travel in search of prey across the real continents and seas of North America, Africa, Europe and Asia, where you can plunder the tombs of the Mayans, Pharaohs, sort out the relationship between the emperors of China, explore the secrets of sunken ships ..

Other features include the ability to create and join clans, build your own shelters to store loot, as well as protect them, rich customization of characters using skins, equipment and weapons, a lot of CGI videos with professional voice acting (of course in English) and three unusual class at the moment.

In general, there are quite a few projects like Defiance, FireFall and Destiny, so we would expect hurricane gameplay, no less a better storyline and excellent graphics from Global Adventures. However, in harsh realities, you should not overestimate your expectations, because the project from the Canadian studio may well turn out to be a good middle peasant, which will take the place of the recently gone FireFall.

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