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Gloria Victis is a classless MMORPG for fans of low-fantasy, with a minimal presence of this same fantasy. The developers promise us open PvP with territory control, a non-target combat system, advanced crafting, a player-driven economy, and the absence of fireballs. The game is now in the early access stage, and those who have invested in development can already try the current results. However, the finished final product will be free.

The style of Gloria Victis is based on the Middle Ages and the cultures of that time. The player is given four sides to choose from Azebians (Empire of Azebia), Ismirs (Nordheim), Midlanders (Midland), and Sangarians (Sangmar), in the prototypes of which one can easily recognize the civilizations that existed in reality.

The developers put an essential emphasis on the combat system in the style of Mount & Blade. In Gloria Victis, you must fight for glory and demonstrate your skills in open PvP. The game uses a non-target system and partial loot. Players will have to build forts, prepare for sieges and take control of territories. Hundreds of participants can fight in battles.

Craft is worth mentioning separately. Natural processes and medieval techniques are used to create each item. Players can make weapons, armor, military vehicles, and building materials. Farmers, loggers, and carpenters will occupy a vital place worldwide.

Gloria Victis uses a classless system with complete freedom in choosing equipment. Whether your character will be an elegant nobleman with a long sword, a deadly warrior in chain mail and a halberd, or a farmer carrying fruit to the market - the choice is yours.

Gloria Victis is open, without loading screens and invisible barriers, with a homeownership system and territory control. NPCs in the game react to your actions and the time of day. Weather conditions in this universe are changing. For example, it may suddenly begin to snow, or the world will drown in dense fog. This would be a standard addition if it weren't for tying local fauna to a randomly changing environment. Thanks to this, each change of seasons is full of other surprises: migrations of creatures, renewal of fauna, and all sorts of surprises lurking in darkness, darkness, dampness, or sandstorms.

In words, the game looks impressive but hardcore, which makes it a niche game. Development has been underway since 2012, but no release date remains. We at MMOTOP.ORG can assume that a full release is unlikely to occur before the end of 2016.

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