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In theory, the new beautiful MMORPG God Slayer from ChangYou should become a competitor to the Korean game Blade & Soul. God Slayer is being developed on Cry Engine 3, and it is wholly dedicated to oriental fantasy and is ready to share the secrets of Asian mythology with the players.

Fighting fans will love everything here. The game has retained the best traditions of this style. You can, at any time, crush an opponent with mighty blows, throw him into the air, and not let him fall until your satisfaction from this process reaches the top. The game's pluses include the ability to run on walls and jump over roofs, just like in The Matrix. Also, the bosses were not left without attention, of which there are plenty. To defeat them, you will have to find a weak point, try to hit only there, and then be sure. Victory will be yours. The combat is based on auto-targeting, which made it possible to implement a convenient intuitive-understandable system filled with drive and action.

That's how fun it is. MMOTOP.ORG Recommends waiting, downloading, installing, and playing God Slayer to all fans of kung fu and Asian mythology.

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