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Review of the game Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

In most modern games, the mythology of various nationalities is actively used. However, before the advent of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, ancient Greek mythology was somewhat out of whack against the background of the general fashion for long-eared elves and green orcs. Perpetual Entertainment decided to take on the mythology of the ancient Greeks. The announcement of the game took place already in 2005, but its full release appeared only six years later. All this could not but leave its mark on the essence of the project.

Distinctive features

Perhaps the main distinguishing feature of the project can be considered its antique style. In addition, it is impossible not to note a good combat system, which has a clear connection with the level of development of the hero. At the same time, she looks very lively and interesting due to combo attacks. You will accumulate the points of these combo attacks gradually, and release them in an instant, throwing all the power of your attack at the enemy.

Game classes

The project offers six classes - soldier, scout, healer, gladiator, priest and thief. With a diverse skill tree similar to Diablo's, you can also create hybrid classes here. By the way, with the development of Blizzard, the game is close and one more thing. More precisely, not by the moment, but by the person who is the project manager. This is Stig Heidlund, who previously worked on the Diablo 2 project as lead designer. He managed to transfer many interesting and useful things from his previous work, for example, mercenaries.


In Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, each player is offered the opportunity to control 8 minion fighters, which belong to three archetypes. These are warriors, arrows and clergymen. You can customize the type of formation for your charges, put branded items on them, and even give them unique banners with your individual logo. Of course, the minions here are always weaker than their master. At the same time, they take with their numbers and fanaticism.

Battles between players take place in disputed territories specially designed for this purpose. Here you will have to deal with the capture of fortresses, mines and even entire settlements. This type of entertainment is quite often massive, even if you do not take into account the numerous mercenaries, which any developed player always has in abundance.

Graphic arts

The picture in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is at a fairly average level, which can be explained by the rather old RenderWare 3.7 engine. no matter how hard the developers tried, they could not make the graphics more modern. There are no high-quality shaders, no beautiful animation. However, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this may be for the best, since the features of the game provide for the simultaneous participation in battles of a large number of fighters. Therefore, the study of all the movements of the characters in mass battles could confuse even quite powerful machines.


The result is a rather interesting and original game with an average level of graphics. This project can become a competitor even for such well-known projects as Lineage II and Wow. By the way, these games also can not boast of great graphics.

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