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Overview of Goku GO

Goku GO is a fantasy browser-based free-to-play MMORPG based on the popular manga by Japanese writer Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball. The project offers an original storyline taken from the manga, as well as colorful graphics and gameplay with a bunch of special effects that are not inferior to anime.

After the registration procedure on the site, each player needs to decide on the class and gender of the character. Classes are represented by three types: Saiyan - a specialist in physical damage, Android - a classic tank that can counterattack and keep defense, and Meijin - attacking magic. The game also has a clear division into PvE and PvP components.

Having chosen the PvE mode, we go to complete a bunch of tasks, upgrade the character and his skills, go to dungeons, improve our equipment, destroy the villains and get pets. All this is necessary so that in the future you don’t need anything in PvP when it’s time to go to the arena, because victory in PvP often depends on what level, skills, what assistants and equipment the character has.

In general, Goku GO has few differences from similar projects, but for the sake of variety, fans of the anime genre should definitely get acquainted with it.

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