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Overview of the game Golden Black

Golden Black is an MMORTS about pirates that combines RPG and strategy elements. The gameplay will give you the opportunity to take over the island, set up towers, motivate the terrible thugs under your command to seize neighboring islands for the purpose of terror, and at the same time manage the process. The developers also took care of those who are extremely lazy and do not want to participate in traditional battles, for such players Golden Black can offer asynchronous gameplay in which a group of pirates is sent to the island automatically.

In addition, you can build a ship and assign a captain to it, picking up the appropriate paraphernalia, crew and go all out in search of everything that can be found and stolen, most often chests and weapons. And usually useful items are rare. On some islands you can get hold of important resources, on others you can meet bosses with legendary weapons dropping out of them, on others you will face the need to solve puzzles in AI controlled villages. In addition, in Golden Black, cooperative play is possible through the alliance system, which allows you to raid the islands together and send reinforcements to each other to the rescue.

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