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Golfstar game review

Already clear from the name of the game, the Golfstar project invites you to feel like a real golfer. Since the game is online, your opponents will not be primitive computer opponents, but real players. These are the users who also like to swing their golf clubs from their chair and just press the keys.

Game Features

The game was created by the famous studio Gamigo, which we have already mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. That is why the graphics of the Golfstar project looks quite presentable. At the same time, up to 30 users can simultaneously participate in competitions on one lawn. The game has several game modes, championships and competitive leagues. Golfstar also offers a fairly large range of sports accessories, clothing and golf clubs.

Hero development

As with most other mmo games, Golfstar offers character upgrades. To develop your character, you will not need to kill anyone or go through any quests. You will only need to take part in competitions and get points for it. As you develop, your main character will learn to aim better, hit further and hold the club without shaking in his hands. In addition, you yourself will eventually learn to hit even the farthest holes with just a few strokes of the club.


It is clear that not everyone will like the Golfstar. This is an amateur game, because there are no usual quests, teamplay and total grind. At the same time, the game offers beautiful green lawns, professional golf clubs and even golf cart rides. In general, everything that golf fans will surely like.

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