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Grand Fantasia
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Overview of Grand Fantasy

The new multiplayer project Grand Fantasia in its short life managed to gain immense popularity among people of all ages who are fond of computer games. It has already been written about more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. In order to play this game, you need to either download it to your hard drive and install it on your computer, or simply go to the official website of the game and play online. Both can be done today absolutely free.

Beginning of the game

The game Grand Fantasia originates on a small but very beautiful island called Siwa. It is here that you can decide on the choice of your hero, who will play in the future. First, you need to make a choice between male and female. Next, his attire is selected and, most importantly, the Sprite is selected.

This is a rather interesting fantasy pet that will play the role of your pet and faithful companion. The sprite will follow your character throughout the game and help in every possible way. For example, he has very useful weapon crafting skills. When moving around the island, a beginner will be able to delve into the essence of the game and deal with its main points. He will understand how experience is gained and how interaction with other players is carried out.

Character Development

As you overcome all the fabulous adventures, the character will increase his skill level. After reaching the fifth level, the hero gets the right to visit the World of Safael, which is the main one in this interesting MMORPG. In Grand Fantasia, there are certain hero statuses that depend on his level. He can be a Servant, Fighter, Hunter and Spellcaster. During the game, the character makes useful acquaintances and can even flirt with heroes of the opposite sex. At the same time, you can create guilds or join existing clans.

Game process

In the process of playing the world of Grand Fantasia, you can travel not only on foot, but also on mounts. They become available in the online game. These animals can not only be ridden, but also harnessed to teams.

It is interesting that movement around the world of Safael is possible not only on the earth's surface, but also underground. There are many mysterious dungeons with insidious traps and many enemies. Therefore, in Grand Fantasia there are often situations in which you have to ask for help from partners or use the right Sprite.

In the process of playing online, the hero has the opportunity to buy weapons and various useful things. This can be done by traveling through Auctions, which are held between battles.


In general, the Grand Fantasia game is distinguished by high-quality graphics, well-designed characters in the style of Anime, as well as many fabulous animals, colorful pictures of nature and excellent musical accompaniment. This game is very interesting to play in a company with friends and girlfriends. Therefore, we recommend downloading Grand Fantasia and enjoying magnificent fairy tale journeys.

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