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Greed Monger
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Greed Monger Review

Greed Monger is a massive sandbox MMO focused primarily on building and crafting. In the game, you can build buildings, and not at all instanced, as is often the case in other mmorpg. According to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the main advantage of Greed Monger can be considered its realism. Here, swords or armor do not drop out of monsters after their death, but guts, skins and bones remain. From them in the future you can build some useful things.

Game world

The game world in Greed Monger is as open to exploration as possible. In addition, the game has a free PvP mode, which promises to be very interesting. In this project, you will be offered a large selection of climatic zones with a regular change in the time of day. Against the backdrop of beautiful graphics, all this looks especially harmonious.

Game Features

True, there are some oddities in the game, for example, the absence of such traditional things as skill trees, microtransactions and global chat. In addition, there is a global economy system, where all the items in the game are created directly by the players. Each player in Greed Monger will have the opportunity to become the owner of 4 plots of land at once, which he can develop. All this creates great opportunities for playing in PvP mode and bidding at the auction.


The only drawback of the Greed Monger project can be considered too long creation time. And this despite the fact that in the fall of 2012, a much larger amount was collected on Kickstarter than was necessary. The game is currently in alpha testing and has no plans to move to beta testing yet.

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