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Grepolis is a browser-based MMORTS made in the setting of Ancient Greece by InnoGames GmbH. And the first thing you pay attention to when you start is the number of servers. Seriously, this choice is determined not by the number of players but by the characteristics of each server. For example, a server called Mu uses a new battle system and has a limit of up to 150 people in one alliance. At the same time, Kappa has an increased game speed, but the maximum number of players in the alliance is reduced to 100. So you can always choose a server to your liking.

The player starts as the owner of a small Greek village, which must be developed first into a polis and then into tripolis. In addition to the banal construction and expansion of territories, users can impose tribute on neighboring villages and trade with nearby lands. However, this is only the first peaceful option to achieve the goal. For players less accommodating with neighbors, robberies will be the best way to get the necessary resources. This method, although cruel, is highly effective. In general, you play like the ancient Greeks, and they did not solve problems through checkbooks.

The extraction of resources in Grepolis is limited to four types: wood, silver, stone, and the blessing of the Gods. The first three are clear about them, but to obtain a gift, it will be necessary to build temples to the Greek gods and constantly bring various offerings. There are several types of combat units in the game. For example, chariots, sworders, slingers, spearmen, multiple ships (including light frigates and heavy colonization ships), and even mythical creatures. Managing all this is not easy but quite enjoyable. At the same time, this variety of types of troops allows you not to get bored between the battles of individual players or alliances, making them very exciting.

The Grepolis project has been stable since 2009 and still has many fans worldwide, which once again emphasizes the quality and uniqueness of the project among its kind.

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