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Grid12 is a futuristic top-down arcade game from the developers of Realm of the Mad God. Players will have to control tanks, of which there are more than a dozen in the project, and engage in battles with groups of robots and monsters. The latter are subdivided according to strength and size and are called convoys. The more powerful and dangerous the convoy, the higher the reward for killing it. After you defeat five hundred convoys, a boss appears on the map, which can only be defeated by joining forces with other players.

To facilitate the destruction of bosses and other evil spirits in the game, there are cities that need to be improved and pumped. You can open a new tank by knocking out a blueprint from a monster, and upgrade it using special prisms. If the character's tank is destroyed, then he loses one level of pumping and in-game money, represented by crystals, which are used to develop buildings and cities in general. Players are tasked with completing a complete map clear and destroying the boss.

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