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Guardians of Divinity is a browser-based MMORPG in which players will have the opportunity to play the role of characters from Chinese, Egyptian and Greek myths. The company of heroes has crept up where, if not in Guardians of Divinity, you can see Anubis - the Egyptian god of the dead, Hades - the god of the underworld, the Scandinavian Thor and the Monkey King, who miraculously materialized in a world where the possibility of space flights is available.

You have to visit the distant future, during the invention of space flights by the civilization of the city of Atlantis, followed by the study of the expanses of space. Actually, the gods did not like it, so the beginning of a war was laid in which the preferences of a large number of factions collided.

Starting the game, you and each other player are given their own ship, on which you need to complete quests and surf the cosmos along the way. If you are not interested in playing alone, then the developers have provided for this case a territorial battle mode, in which case you will have battles with other players.

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