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Guild Wars 2 game overview

Guild Wars 2
Platforms: Mac, PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: September 28, 2012
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Review of the game Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 by the Americans from ArenaNet came out in 2012, and the hype subsided somewhat. Still, a large and stable fan base, regular updates, and care from the developer studio make it clear that this is a natural and high-quality AAA-level project.

Today, you won't surprise anyone with a single character story that runs through the entire gameplay, even though the developers from NCsoft spent five years creating a single canvas of the scenario, which depends not only on which of the five races the player chooses but also on what individual choice he will do in the course of the passage. At the same time, the open world of Tyria remained extremely independent, giving players the right to decide the world's fate. But Tyria hangs on the brink of death. Not only did the strengthened race of people choose to win back their dominance over the rest, but terrible monsters, including dragons, attacked Tyria. Are you able to resist them?

GW2 wouldn't be itself without PvP. The game has several types of PvP, including a legal arena where two teams fight and capture control points. Unlike halls from other MMORPGs, local maps cannot be called simple. But the leading PvP entertainment in Guild Wars 2 is the epic World vs. World vs. World confrontation. In this mode, up to 500 players can fight on huge continent maps. Roadblocks, towers, siege equipment, and other key points and positions are scattered across the maps. The most exciting thing is that you can join WvWvW already from the first level, while your level will be raised to a maximum of 80.

GW2, like many other modern MMORPGs, moved away from the class concept of the "trinity" (tank, damage dealer, and healer) in favor of fast positional combat in which any class can show itself. There are nine classes, by the way. It is noteworthy that the courses in GW2 are not tied to one type of weapon. Moreover, depending on the chosen weapon, the available skills change, making the combat more diverse and intense.

Guild Wars 2 did not revolutionize the online market, but at the same time, it firmly occupied the niche of quality and affordable AAA MMORPGs with a decent amount of content. At the same time, the buy-2-play distribution system with constant free updates looks very attractive to the modern player.

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