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Review of the game Hailan Rising

The famous computer game Hailan Rising received high interest from gamers even before its release. The first "insider" information about this product was leaked to the network back in 2011, and attracted cohorts of gamers and fans of multiplayer battles not by the plot (here it is as banal as possible - the apocalypse and the "brave new world" full of monsters and aggressively minded survivors), but rather by its structure, its user setting.

The developers have made available eight classes for the character editor, a lot of skill settings, two global factions. Moreover, the player receives at the very start a full set of “points” for pumping, and, perhaps, to customize his character to the maximum. And this is quite justified, because in this "thrash" the weak cannot survive. A smart balancing system removes the "advantages" of experienced players so that in PvP battles they are equal, and only tactics judge them.

What are the characteristics of Hailan Rising

The main advantage of the product, without a doubt, is the combination of skills in the character of your character from several classes. You get access to skill branches from all classes, and now you can easily choose the best "skills" for your character. For example, knowing about the "weak" health and armor of an assassin and a medic, you can instill in them the features that are inherent in a tank or a healer. And thanks to this feature, the battles between users are always burning and full of surprises.

In addition to this, for fans of real hardcore, the developers offer a full-fledged arena where the “full loot” rule applies. True, this toy also has drawbacks - a weak Unity 3D engine, template graphics, and frankly weak animation do not make the product attractive in the OcculusRift era. In order to learn about interesting novelties of network games, visit our website called MMOTOP.ORG.

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