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Hegemony: Minecraft MMORPG game overview

Hegemony: Minecraft MMORPG
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Review of the game Hegemony

Hegemony (Minecraft MMORPG) is a classic MMORPG set in the Middle Ages, which has evolved from a Minecraft mod into a standalone game with the help of Envision Studios. But to play it, you still need to buy Minecraft. The project has all the components of both a sandbox and a regular multiplayer RPG.

Plot of Hegemony

1534 - The flames of conflict spread even to the most isolated territories. Titles no longer mean much to people who have lived under serfdom for centuries. Now he also wants to rule, live richly, and, perhaps ... become the progenitor of a new noble family. To achieve this, you can perform non-linear quests.


The gameplay of Hegemony is a copy of Minecraft. Here you can also endlessly build, fight, craft, and travel with a first-person view. The main difference is the possibility of MMO pumping with up to 1500 people on each server, which allows you to count on a completely new experience.

There are also all kinds of professions, such as agriculture, hunting, cooking, mining, blacksmithing, tailoring, trade, theft, forgery, and much more. You can train any 30+ skills categorized as "Combat," "Gathering," "Processing," and "Artisan" at will in a system without classes or professions.

Among other things, there is an in-depth item system consisting of 1000+ items and 600+ recipes integrated into a balanced economy system with many consumption points. Many of them are allowed to be equipped as armor and weapons.

Hiring NPCs and renting real estate

In Hegemony, you can recruit NPCs, upgrade their skills, and use them to your advantage as bodyguards, shopkeepers, or humble workers. Servants have different outlooks, personalities, appetites, and intellects.

MMORPG allows you to build your own house by purchasing land or renting it ready and decorating it as you wish. You can do this in a group with friends. It is even allowed to buy a large area and build your village, city, or metropolis.

Hegemony release date

Hegemony was released on March 7, 2020, exclusively on PC.

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