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Hero of the Obelisk
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Review of the game Hero of the Obelisk

Hero of the Obelisk is a traditional fantasy MMORPG. At the same time, the game can safely be called a diablo-like hack'n'slash and at the same time a DotA in the anime genre. From the MMORPG genre, freely customizable heroes and an advanced game world were taken here, as well as many dark dungeons. You can visit these dungeons not only on your own, but also in the company of friends. The project features an open world and large-scale PvP battles. From Diablo in Hero of the Obelisk, the combat mode was taken. At the same time, the developers took one of the game modes from Dota.

PvP Mode

The PvP mode includes three main forms - the capture of control points, the siege of fortresses, and the MOBA mode itself. In the latter option, you need to achieve certain goals, fighting for one team against another. It is clear that creeps play a big role in these battles.

Character classes and graphics

There is a small variety of classes in Hero of the Obelisk, which include the Swordsman, the Scholar, and the Traveler. At the same time, this lack of diversity does not affect the gameplay. However, Hero of the Obelisk pleases not only with interesting gameplay, but also with nice graphics. All characters are represented by small and cuddly anime style characters. At the same time, despite their small stature, the battles with their participation turn into a real extravaganza of many spells and swings of weapons. The appearance of the enemies also keeps up with the design of the characters. You will be able to watch their colorful fall and explosions after a lot of your shots and blows.

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