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Hero Rage
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Overview of the game Hero Rage

Hero Rage or Rage of Heroes is a browser-based MMORPG project from a little-known studio PLAYTIME LLC, offering players to take on the role of a brave hero and plunge into the eternal confrontation between good and evil.

According to the story, on the night of the black moon, the temple of the Moon Goddess was destroyed and the sacred stones of souls were in the hands of the demons. They were subsequently used to seal the immortal soul of the Great Demon that was killed by the sacred Excalibur. But today, the fire of war has flared up again in the fantasy world and the main character needs to find the lost Excalibur with soul stones in order to stop the awakening of the Great Demon.

At the beginning of the game, we choose only a side, the so-called league, it can be Evil or Good. Then we immediately enter the game, because there is no character window here. In principle, it is not necessary, since all the characters have already been created (and for some reason terribly resemble the heroes of Warcraft 3) and we just have to choose the ones we like in our own small squad. All heroes are divided into such classes as: support, tank, heal and damage.

Each member of the squad has its own experience scale, unique skills (the icons of which, by the way, are also taken from Warcraft 3), as well as six slots for equipment. The equipment itself can not be changed throughout the game, but simply improved. Also in the game there are world bosses, a system of guilds, pets, PvP battles both in the arena and between guilds. The battles themselves are turn-based and can take place in manual and automatic modes.

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