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Hero Zero is an online browser game that has managed to expand to mobile platforms and PC thanks to its funny looks, humor at every turn and a large abundance of 2D features. By the way, since Hero Zero is also a superhero game, shorts over your pants and a bucket on your character's head are a common occurrence here, so you won't be ashamed.

All in all, the superhero life here is pretty simple. At the beginning, we create a character using the editor, choosing a head, eyes, mouth, ears and trying on a huge number of costumes, every detail of which can be changed. Then we proceed to the action, namely, pumping the character by completing various quests, both daily and story. The tasks themselves will not require you to have any knowledge of the area or certain efforts, since you can complete them, as well as fight, automatically.

In general, Hero Zero can be called a game for the "lazy", since your character performs all the actions himself. You are also allowed to chat, make fun of your opponents, watch massive clan battles, look at colorfully drawn locations and change the appearance of your character as needed.

The only drawback of the project is the monetization system, but since spending time in the game does not pass without laughter, it’s pointless to scold this minus, because the game is clearly able to extend your life.

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