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Hero’s Blood
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Hero's Blood is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from the young studio Luck Online, offering players to once again become a hero from the prophecy in order to defeat the powerful Demons and restore peace to Earth.

Before starting the game, you have to choose one of three different classes: warrior, mage or archer, in order to then participate in turn-based semi-automatic battles, where the user only needs to determine the formation of their fighters. Each character here has unique skills, and also wears individual weapons and armor. The latter can be crafted in the forge, or you can get it yourself somewhere in the dungeon. There is also an alliance system and arena PvP, so after completing the storyline, you can always take care of your guild or improve your skills in the arena.

In general, the Blood of the Hero project is quite new, and therefore it is a mystery to determine whether the developers are going to “suck” money out of the players. We will not be able to find out for a long time, only when we see a bunch of items in the in-game store that introduce imbalance, but until this happens, we calmly enjoy the game.

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