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Overview of the game Hero's Song

Game industry veterans led by John Smedley, former post-head of Sony Online Entertainment, rallied their ranks and tried to release a new project for those who are nostalgic for the old days - Hero's Song.

They were stopped by the fact that for a two-dimensional pixel adventure game they requested a modest amount of 800 thousand dollars from oldfags on kickstarter, which seems simply huge for projects of such style and genre. It was possible to collect only 15% of the required amount, so the campaign was frozen ahead of schedule.

A little later, Pixelmage Games still found investors and promised to release the project in the fall of 2016. At the moment, development is in full swing, and the developers continually announce new features that will be available in the game. For example, 15 classes, classic races, extensive crafting opportunities, rich exploration of the world, 10 types of magic, single player mode, and most importantly, the ability to create and customize your own servers that can fit up to 100 people are announced for Hero`s Song.

The project will be released in six months, but its cost has already been announced - it's $19.99 for the regular version and $49.99 for the extended version, which includes the soundtrack, wallpaper pack and game guide. The developers explain such a high price by the complete absence of microtransactions. It remains only to find players who are ready to shell out a tidy sum and play without donations.

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