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Holy Blade Online
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Holy Blade Online is a classic browser-based MMORPG with a massive world, tons of quests, and a skill system that you can level to the point of exhaustion. The combat system in the game is given a secondary position, and the improvement of the character comes out on top. Faced in a fight with your sworn enemies, you, having drawn your blade, will bring it not on vile monsters, but on cute animals.

In addition, the fights in the game are implemented in a semi-automatic mode, leaving the player with the right to only sometimes click skills and watch how their character destroys the enemy, who so unsuccessfully got in the way of the hero during the passage of any quest. The saddest thing in all this is the almost complete lack of resistance from the animals, because the PvE in the project is in a dull state, and this despite the beautiful animation present in the fight.

As for PvP, things are more fun here, but in order to engage in battle with another player and withstand it with dignity, you will have to destroy at least a thousand innocent inhabitants of the world of Holy Blade.

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