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Holy King is a rather strange MMORPG project developed by the Chinese company Perfect World. Its strangeness is based on the fact that players get the ability to swallow various items. Moreover, you can swallow not only various pebbles and bushes, but even huge flying islands, as well as the corpses of other characters.

Game Features

This is necessary so that a character who has eaten a certain item can temporarily transform into it. This way you can set up an effective ambush on your enemy and take him by surprise. In addition, due to the consumption of things in food, you can pump well. The next feature of the Holy King game is the presence of the original soul system. With this system, the character's death is not final and he will be able to continue his existence in the form of a soul, which has a separate skill line. In addition, it should be said that the Holy King project was created on the basis of a completely new engine, and even at the testing stages it looks pretty nice.

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