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Overview of Hoppenia

Hoppenia is a browser-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting, where the emphasis is not on the development of the character himself, but on pumping his pets - Nioloni. All Nioloni, in fact, are humanoid animals that fulfill any whim of their owners, whether it be a fight or a campaign for resources.

You just have to dress them, feed them, supply them with the necessary armor and weapons, and teach them spells. Opponents for Nioloni are often the most unexpected crosses, such as a cow-man, a dog-man and others. Only here a well-fed cow can lose to a dog. All the owners - that is, you - are called Sayers in the game and have their own residence, which can be equipped to your liking with various kinds of buildings. These can be warehouses, workshops, hunting lodges and other buildings.

The very development of the character in Hoppenia is represented only by leveling up. This can only be done by participating in pet battles. With each new level and an increase in the number of wins in the arena, you will be able to hire more pets and, thereby, have more money for equipment. At the same time, the main goal in the game is to improve your estate by 100% and set the maximum number of Nioloni. Everything.

So in general, if you like MMORPGs where you can reach the final goal or steer ferocious and not very animal people, then Hoppenia is definitely your option.

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