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Hostile Space
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We present you a game for real romantics. For those who have dreamed of becoming an astronaut since childhood and realize themselves in the game as a space marine. The game is called Hostile Space. In general, this is a real classic game where magical worlds open up card after card.

Story line.

The game offers you from the very beginning to be not someone there, but the whole captain of a whole comic ship. The authors have developed a whole magical world and space. As soon as you choose an avatar from those offered by the creators of the game, and a name, you will immediately be mercilessly sent to the shooting range. Moreover, in addition to all sorts of shooters and fights, a fairly extensive program and activities are offered.

For example, you can simply plow black holes and enjoy what you see, then you can do smuggling, also become a space pirate, or, again, kill. All the virtual money that you get can be invested in the buildup of the ship and weapons. The game also offers to work in a team. If you are interested in PvP, it simply does not exist here. You can learn more about the game at MMOTOP.ORG.

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