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Review of the game Hot Dance Party

In many online projects, you will have to use traditional weapons such as swords and axes, as well as classical magic. With this weapon, you will be able to break through the aggressive local fauna, rising from level to level. However, destructive moments are only part of the human essence. Other people want to do good deeds or at least dance and have fun.

Game Features

If you belong to the second category, then Hot Dance Party will give you such an opportunity. This project will offer you a bright and spectacular world of regular discos and parties. There are no bloodthirsty monsters or aggressive beasts here. Of course, here you can meet various outlandish animals, but they will not attack you, but will dance after you.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay in Hot Dance Party is typical and familiar to most games of this genre. All musical compositions include many movements collected in the form of separate combinations. To successfully execute any combination, you need to not only press certain buttons, but also think. After pressing certain buttons, you must press the spacebar, after which your hero will perform the intended steps.

Game modes

The game has two main game modes - standard with four buttons and professional with eight buttons. In addition to the regular buttons, you can sometimes get access to special buttons with which you can implement some original trick. Dances in the Hot Dance Party can be not only single, but also pair or team. The game offers a huge number of locations, among which there are both deserted beaches and futuristic cities. Here you can arrange individual parties, inviting not only your friends, but also opponents.

Dance features

All the dance moves of the characters are animated quite well. You will be offered a solid set of movements and a variety of styles. However, you will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the picture and animation, since you will be engaged in knocking out certain keys. In principle, this can be considered the main drawback of the game. It can please you that you can record each of your dances and watch them later. With every dance and every song you will develop and earn money. All the money you earn can be spent on buying new clothes and accessories. At the same time, the range of products will please any gamer, and even scare inexperienced players with their volume.


If you are tired of dancing, then you can just walk around the nearby dance floors and look for new acquaintances. In general, Hot Dance Party is a great project for fans of rhythm games. According to the site, it is also suitable for everyone who wants to relax and unwind in a fun and relaxing environment.

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