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Human Element
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Overview of the game Human Element

Human Element is an interesting and unusual zombie survival simulator with multiplayer mode. The game was created by former Infinity Ward creative specialist Robert Bowling. Initially, the game was supposed to run exclusively on the Ouya console. However, the authors failed to cram the idea of ​​a free world onto this relatively weak console. Therefore, the project was decided to be launched on more powerful platforms.

Project Features

According to Robert Bowling himself, his brainchild is not just an ordinary furious survival game, where you just need to shoot crowds of the dead and try to survive. The game clearly traces moral points that affect not only the external component of the zombie apocalypse, but also the inner world and the experiences of the survivors. Here the player will need to make rather difficult decisions of a moral nature, which will, to a certain extent, influence the game plot. All this, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, will definitely make the game non-linear and more interesting.

Character classes

There are three classes of characters in Human Element, which differ from each other in three main parameters - intelligence, stealth and activity. Depending on the chosen class, you are offered three game modes to choose from - a single passage, survival with a friend, and survival with a child in your arms. The project is scheduled to launch at the end of 2015.

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