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Hunter Online
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Overview of Hunter Online

Hunter Online is a free, browser-based fantasy MMORPG from EspritGames, made in the spirit of the classics. Here, players will once again become the chosen ones and defeat the hordes of undead invaders in order to save the kingdom.

The graphics in the game are more than decent, the effects are colorful, the animation is pleasant. There are huge locations, a large number of different monsters: from ordinary deer to giant demons, combat based on the target system, clans and clan wars. But before you try all this, you need to create your own character, choose one of six classes and tame the mount.

As long as the game store does not put a critical load on the user's wallet, you can spend time in Hunter Online with pleasure. We hope that the thirst for money will not wake up the publisher ahead of time and we will get another great browser for a long period.

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