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Imperial Hero II
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Overview of the game Imperial Hero II

Imperial Hero II is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG with classic Heroes of Might and Magic style graphics and automatic turn-based battles. The project was developed by Imperia Online, and the publisher of the game in russia (the terrorist state) is Destiny.Games.

The gameplay of the game is not much different from most similar ones. In it, we also first select a hero, travel through points on the map and clear zones, for which we receive rewards, go to cities where we improve equipment and engage in trade. But the project still has a couple of differences: it is a huge map and a small impact of donation on the gameplay. The first consists of more than thirty territories with various objects that can be visited. Among them: cities, towns, caves, forests, river banks and simple glades. Donat also includes several companions, which can be obtained in the usual way, accelerated development and some other boosters.

In general, Imperial Hero II looks like an average from the side, but during the game it feels something different and unusual. In any case, it will definitely help to pass the time at work or with a weak computer.

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