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Infernum is a browser-based isometric fantasy MMORPG created by Gamenet. The game tells about the classic confrontation between good and evil forces, where the victory, of course, will be won by the first. This is due to the fact that on the side of the good, the “chosen ones” in the form of players are playing, capable of destroying crowds of monsters with one button of auto-attack.

There are three character classes in Infernum: Archer, Warrior, and Mage. After creating one of them, a small tutorial begins, designed to help you understand the nuances of the interface through easy quests. After a while, your hero will independently advance through the levels, and at this time you choose his skills and craft new weapons and armor in the forge. By the way, watching fights is also interesting. All because of the colorful special effects and nice-looking locations.

In general, if you do not touch on the topic of in-game purchases, then Infernum could be recommended to absolutely everyone. But taking into account the robbery store, which gives various bonuses to pumping and other advantages that introduce an imbalance in the speed of development of heroes, only patient individuals who like to slowly go towards the goal, namely, the maximum level.

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