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Isles of Eventide
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Isles of Eventide is a rather unusual MMORPG with survival elements, where the main characters are animals. On the one hand, this is good, because the constant gnomes / orcs / elves are so boring that every released game looks faceless, on the other hand, how can animals lead a social, meaningful life?

The action of the project takes place in a fairy-tale world (well, now it’s clear), which unexpectedly fell into an ice age. And only three species of animals were able to unite and survive, in order to then migrate to warmer climes. In general, apart from an interesting concept, Isles of Eventide differs little from similar MMORPGs. Here, all the same things are available to players: leveling characters, capturing territories in the form of islands, crafting, hunting. The project also offers nice graphics for an indie game. All that's left is to wait until the end of the Kickstarter campaign to enjoy the beautiful meadows, PvP with horses, eating grass and climbing trees.

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