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Islet Online
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Overview of the game Islet Online

Islet Online is a game using voxel technology and the style of Minecraft, developed in South Korea. The cute tadpoles, which were placed inside a vast Lego constructor, froze in anticipation of the opportunity to fight with each other, gouge or build something like a giant castle with a bizarre shape or an ordinary cottage town with swimming pools.

The project attracts players with a somewhat accurate ecology system; for example, in Islet Online, hares eat grass, and wolves eat hares. There is also an advanced crafting system and many skills for pumping. The combat system uses ancient weapons such as swords, axes, and bows and the possibility of unleashing mass slaughter between settlements. In addition, the gameplay has something like a political system, so with the city's population development, the option of choosing a mayor opens up.

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