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Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded is an online strategy with tactical elements based on the legendary Jagged Alliance game series. But if you've never had an idea what a franchise is, then you're clearly not a big strategy fan. The rest spent hundreds of hours managing a squad of mercenaries in the single-player versions of the game and are happy to spend it online.

The new part of the series looks like a symbiosis of turn-based strategy, third-person shooter and RPG. The developers managed to implement not only an excellent combat system with many factors, but also a great filling of the game. A huge amount of equipment, weather effects, time of day, terrain - everything is here for a reason, but affects the environment and battles, making each fight unique.

By tradition, each character in the game (and here there are 60 of them) is a whole personality with its own character. Some of them are generalists, others are specialists in a certain field. Among other things, there is even a whole system of relationships between fighters that affects the effectiveness of the group. In addition, it is worth noting the presence in the project of three levels of gameplay: tactical, strategic and social. All this is very pleasing to gamers, as it makes the game quite unique.

As a result, the Germans from the Cliffhunger Productions campaign created a solid strategy that took the series to a new level and took a solid place in a good lineup.

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